CfD Annual Report 2020

Summer Reserach Experiences for Undergraduates
Imaging Science
Multi-Messenger Astrophysics
Emerson Fellowship (for RIT College of Science students)

Open Student Positions
Fall CfD Mechanical Engineer Co-op
CfD Executive Assistant: Search ID 3930
CfD Lab Assistant: Search ID 3933

Welcome to the Center for Detectors. The CfD designs, develops, and implements new advanced sensor technologies through collaboration with academic researchers, industry engineers, government scientists, and college students. The CfD operates nine laboratories in three buildings and has approximately a dozen funded projects (~$2M/year) to advance science through instrumenation development for use in a broad array of applications, e.g. astrophysics, quantum science, photonics, imaging, and interstellar space travel. Our observational astrophysics programs are a focus area and include studies of massive stars, massive star clusters, the Galactic center, the interstellar medium, the history of structure formation in the Universe, and cosmology.

Student involvement is central to all CfD projects. To obtain a PhD degree with us, apply to Astrophysical Sciences and Technology, Microsystems Engineering, or Imaging Science. To obtain an MS degree with us, contact the CfD Director.


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