School of Design Senior project for CfD

The RIT School of Design requires a senior design project for their students. The Center for Detectors saw this as a great opportunity to collaborate with creative RIT students to redesign the Centerís office/lab area into a more innovative, productive, and functional environment. So at the beginning of the spring 2011 quarter, the Center invited a group of 21 School of Design students to focus their senior design projects on the redesign of the office and lab. The group initialized the assignment with a visit to the center. Then they divided their work into two specific categories. Some students concentrated on designing a more functional and efficient office environment, while others directed their ideas to designing a practical and clean lab environment that would increase productivity and success. After a lot of time dedication and hard work, the students concluded their project with a very extensive final presentation.Throughout the presentations, each student individually presented suggestions and strategies for how they had envisioned the redesign of the Center for Detectors. The general goal of the project was to redesign the office and lab space, but the students took the assignment to the next level with their thoroughness and broad approaches. Creativity and talent were exhibited through sharp visual computer-aided graphic art and hand-drawn sketches. The office concepts ranged from modern furniture and paint options, to floor plans with open conference areas that would potentially contribute to increased collaboration. The lab ideas ranged from organized cabinets/drawers, to useful wire tray systems and safety ladders. Overall, the presented redesign ideas maintained a consistent and strong focus on establishing an identity and image that accurately distinguished the Center for Detectors.

Link to slideshow showcasing the student's work